Feb 06, 2010 · Most, if not all, blades were imported from Germany, and some still carry marks from their German makers. Horstmann held government contracts for 1043 cavalry sabers, 1143 NCO swords, 270 musician swords, and 87 light artillery sabers, and is the only known maker of the M1840 Marine sword.
Some pitting spots consistent with age/and use. Typically these swords were broken at the ends and or filed down to make more of a cutlass type piece.The sword ricasso is stamped 1859 on one side and versa. F.S. Jung with three different maker marks. F.S. Jung was an Austrian sword maker family in Solingen Germany.
Jun 01, 2004 · A large number of Civil War-era swords brought excellent prices at a Julia auction in Maine. Top price was $86,250 for a custom-made sword presented to Brigadier General Henry Lawrence Eustis by his 10th Massachusetts Infantry.
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